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No Glass for Recycling

May 12th, 2016

We are no longer excepting glass for recycling due to the landfill regulations

We accept:
• Plastics 1-7
If you look on the bottom of the containers you will find a recycling symbol with a number in it, that means pretty much any everyday plastics you may use like soda or water bottles, disposable food storage containers, plastic wrap, shrink wrap ect… If you’re not sure you can always go online and find out the number of what you want to recycle.
• Paper board and card board
Paper board would include cereal boxes, frozen dinner packages, complete meal boxes or any card board like packaging. We also will accept up to card board boxes at a time if they are flattened and a reasonable size.(cereal box size and smaller)
• Newspaper and magazines
Yes that includes junk mail, notebook paper and phone books.
• Aluminum and tin
This includes but is not limited to soda cans, aluminum foil, foil packaging, soup and vegetable cans.

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