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June 22nd, 2015

For those customers who receive recycling services, you will notice a small increase in your bill. We can no longer offer recycling at no charge because we will now be billed by the recycling plant where we drop off collected materials.

Due to the closing of an Atlanta-area single stream recycling facility, the demand for service was increased dramatically at Rock Tenn. In order for RockTenn to handle the increase, they are working around the clock, but they have also instituted a per-ton charge.

At Cycle Works, it is our desire to provide you with Recycling Service that encourages good stewardship of our planet and its resources. While we wish we could continue to offer this service at no cost, we hope that the charge of $1 per recycling customer per month (or $3 per billed quarter) will not be prohibitive to any of you.
To read the letter we received from RockTenn explaining their new policy, click here.