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H.O.A. Rebate Program

Hi Joe,

I just read your note on the CycleWorks website about the weather on January 6.
A notice about this decision also appeared on our neighborhood’s Facebook page, and was followed by a long list of complaints from my neighbors that trash would not be picked up that day! I was annoyed at some of my neighbors’ comments. When I read that notice, it was 14 degrees outside….and I didn’t notice any of them outside playing in their yard!

I, personally, feel that you made the absolutely right decision not to run trucks that day! And I totally respect your decision to put safety first! Forget about the equipment (material objects CAN be replaced!), the decision to NOT put your crews out in extremely frigid temps (Yeah, in Georgia 20 degrees below freezing IS frigid!) told me that you care about your crews! No frostbite or hypothermia for your guys! Go Joe!!


Cycle Works Sanitation H.O.A. program was designed for the communities who are tired of having multiple trash companies on their subdivision streets throughout the week.  With the reduction of multiple trash companies, our H.O.A. program helps to increase the aesthetics within your community. Your subdivision’s streets will be safer, have less wear and tear, and will help in maintaining property values.

By signing up for our H.O.A. program, your community is eligible to save money on your community homeowner trash and recycling services.

Thank you for allowing us to introducing Cycle Works Sanitattion and our H.O.A. Program.

Below are key benefits:

  • Free waste removal at all common areas (as many Rolling carts as needed).
  • Once a week curbside removal of Residential waste and recycling.
  • H.O.A. rebate program available.
  • Additional carts are available.
  • Customized carts available with the community logo at no additional cost.


The H.O.A rebate program was designed to help communities fund the maintenance of common areas, or to help fund a new feature within the community.  This is Cycle Works’ way of thanking the community for choosing us as the recommended hauler for your trash and recycling needs.

For more info please email