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Important service update!

March 26th, 2020

Because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Federal and State Declarations of Emergency have been issued that recommend non-essential employees shelter in place and work from home when possible to promote social distancing.

As a result, Cycle Works Sanitation has significantly reduced its “field” work force and is focusing on the performance of essential services during this unprecedented emergency.

Because of its importance to the health and safety of our society, solid waste collection and disposal is deemed an “essential service” in most instances, and so Cycle works employees dedicated to collecting and disposing of trash are in the field continuing to perform this critical function.

In order for Cycle Works to maintain its focus on solid waste collection and disposal, and due to the reduced number of employees in the field, effective immediately, Cycle works is postponing the performance of the following services, which are non-essential during this period of emergency:

Any trash/waste outside of the cart.

Yard waste collection – grass clippings, brush,
tree limbs, etc.

Bulk collection – furniture, mattresses, appliances, etc.

Spring and bulk clean-ups involving curbside service.

  • In other words… ONLY put your household waste in your cart(s) and only put carts out (NO bags of trash outside of your cart)

Cycle Works will provide notice when the service(s) will resume.

Cycle Works Sanitation