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Bartow County

Hi Joe,

I just read your note on the CycleWorks website about the weather on January 6.
A notice about this decision also appeared on our neighborhood’s Facebook page, and was followed by a long list of complaints from my neighbors that trash would not be picked up that day! I was annoyed at some of my neighbors’ comments. When I read that notice, it was 14 degrees outside….and I didn’t notice any of them outside playing in their yard!

I, personally, feel that you made the absolutely right decision not to run trucks that day! And I totally respect your decision to put safety first! Forget about the equipment (material objects CAN be replaced!), the decision to NOT put your crews out in extremely frigid temps (Yeah, in Georgia 20 degrees below freezing IS frigid!) told me that you care about your crews! No frostbite or hypothermia for your guys! Go Joe!!

Our Services and Policies Focus on Low-Cost Environmentally Sound Solid Waste Collection.

Automated Curbside Collection is utilized for efficient service. This form of collection is an automated pick-up system, collecting your cart with an expandable arm.

The placement of your container is essential to automated collection. Please see picture below. To ensure proper pick-up of your 96 gallon cart, the lid must be closed and have a clearance of at least 10ft from vehicles, mailboxes, trees, and 5ft away from other containers.

Our Services:

Standard Weekly Service provides for the pickup of:

  • 1 container (  2nd is available upon request for an additional fee.We are not held liable for any damage or loss of any personal container )
  • 5 additional small bags outside container. This includes yard waste which must be bagged. Including leaves, straw or grass clippings ,NO ROCKS or DIRT.
  • Boxes must be broken down and placed in trash container.

*We are not currently offering recycling in this area.


  • No loose trash, all trash must be bagged
  • No heavy metal or bulk items, such as TV’s, furniture, refrigerators, bathtubs, etc.
  • No construction debris
  • No tires



Garbage Collection: Please have your trash out at the curb by 6:00AM or the night before. Please make sure your garbage is bagged and tied in the container to prevent spilling or scattering of garbage before the truck arrives.

On-Line Payments: Click Here to make online payments or visit our On-Line Payments page to learn more.

Holidays Schedule: We are closed on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. If the holiday falls on your scheduled service day, your trash will be picked up on the following day. All remaining pickups for that week will be one day late.